Can the Children of Addicts Tell

If you or somebody you know is a parent who is also addicted to a substance or habitual pattern, then you may be wondering how addiction affects families with children. Before tackling if the children of addicts can be negatively affected by their parents’ use, it must be understood if and how kids can recognize the signs of a drug addict.

Better Addiction Care, a provider of recovery resources for patients and institutions across the country, is looking to make the picture clearer for concerned third parties and drug-addicted parents alike.


Do Children Recognize the Signs of an Addict?

The children of addicts are not blind to their parents’ illnesses. When a mother or father is sick, they know. Addiction is a disease like any other in that it has symptoms and signs that, in most cases, can be recognized by the children of drug addicts. But how can they tell at such a young age?

Addicts with children act in ways that most non-using parents would not. There is an increased monotony associated with parenting when you’re an addict, so a sense of aloofness and nonchalance in the care of children will stand out not only to those around you but eventually to your children. Couple this with the noticeable mood switches associated with the use, and the children of addicts will eventually catch on to why you are acting a certain way and what made you become that version of yourself.

When the children of addicts get old enough and start to learn about drugs, they will inevitably begin to connect the dots and become all too aware that their parents are users.


How the Children of Addicted Parents Are Affected

Addiction ruins families for a variety of reasons, one of which can be the actions of a parent who uses drugs or alcohol. Another could be due to the reaction of the children of addicts once the veil is lifted and they see their parents in their full light. The children of addicts may feel neglected or abused by their parents. Narcotics and alcohol make very reasonable and respectable parents act like someone completely alien.

Children are sponges for the things that their parents do. Everything from their speech to their mannerisms is rooted in the actions of their mothers and fathers. This is the most worrisome issue with the children of addicts. Even if they remain attentive, loving, and caring parents, their children could mimic their behaviors and become addicts themselves. The best thing to do is to cut the cycle off as soon as possible by seeking treatment from professionals in the field of substance recovery. You need to change your life, and the lives of your children, for the better.


Get on the Road to a Better Life

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