Do Poppy Seeds Show Up in Drug Tests?

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You may not look at a poppy seed bagel the same after learning that poppy seeds do show up in drug tests. However, a person would need to consume a large quantity to test positive. Poppy seeds stem from the naturally occurring opium poppy plant, more specifically, the Papaver somniferum. Opium is used to treat moderate to severe pain and is often prescribed to someone who has undergone surgery or experienced a painful injury. Please keep reading to learn more about poppy seeds and their effects on the body. 

Do Poppy Seeds Have Opium?

Where do poppy seeds come from? They stem from the poppy plant, which was discovered in the Mediterranean region but has been cultivated around the world. Drugs from poppy seeds are not usually produced since the seeds don’t actually contain opium. Yet, the seeds are coated with opium during the extraction process. 


Opium is the milky substance extracted from the seed pod, and the seeds tend to follow the sap that is taken. Opium or opioids (the synthetic version of opioids) affect neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain to inflict sedation and euphoric effects. The spike of these chemicals in the brain is what causes the likelihood of addiction. 

Poppy Seeds and Drug Tests 

So, do poppy seeds show up in drug tests? The answer is yes. Although it can make you fail a drug test, it’s due to a false positive. If you eat enough of them, poppies may show up in drug tests as opiates. The opiates can be detected as soon as 2 to 3 hours after eating any food that contains poppy seeds. High school or college students may fail a test if they are regularly drug tested for sports. Eating poppy seed bagels, poppy seed dressing, or even granola containing poppy seeds can absorb the opium from the plant.

What Does a Poppy Seed High Feel Like? 

Poppy seeds contain codeine and morphine, but not all seeds are created equal, and some may have more than others. Typically, the seeds are made into a tea which can potentially cause addiction, adverse withdrawal symptoms, and overdose. During preparation, the poppy seeds are washed, which removes the majority of opiates they contain. Then the stems and pods are left unwashed, which results in a psychedelic effect. Users become quickly attached to the euphoric and calm sensations produced by the plant after drinking the tea. 


However, opiates do affect the brain and may cause a negative impact on the body. For instance, constipation, drowsiness, and respiratory arrest may happen after excessive use. If you are drinking poppy seed tea, it’s best to avoid alcohol. Mixing opioids and alcohol can lead to long-term health complications or cause mental health disorders. 

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